2020spring&summerは「CONFINED MIND」という閉鎖的なテーマでコレクションが展開されている。




2020spring & summer has a collection with a closed theme called “CONFINED MIND”.

This collection, which raises questions about the information-oriented society of today and has a meaning to make a point, is even questioning the original meaning of the website.

Varde77 from 2020spring & summer reminds you the meaning of going for information in a very small amount of information.



2020spring&summer collectionの中でもMAKEOVERラインのMILITARY MIX SERIESはとてもインパクトがあり、文章や言葉では表せなくとも”もの”にとても強い主張がある。



In recent years, designers have come to appreciate the importance of this line of MAKEOVER, and are trying to convey a way to enjoy one thing that doesn’t know whether it can be obtained like used clothing.

Among the 2020 spring & summer collections, the MILITARY MIX SERIES of the MAKEOVER line has a very high impact, and there is a very strong claim to “things” that cannot be expressed in sentences or words.

Coat vest bag is released this term.

I would like you to bring it to the store and feel the impact.