2019spring&summer staff-styling

“Rebellion and Loyalty”


2019spring&summer “Rebellion and Loyalty”


Start from late February 2019. 2019spring&summer “Rebellion and Loyalty”.The styling of Yamaguchi Kazuyuki released in advance!


Layered using a long-length cardigan together with a long-length shirt and successfully using the make-over shirt for the inner.


Check shirt coat x Long Aloha shirt handle + pattern layered. To the inner is a long shirt of a long silhouette, a shirt like a wide court of coat is fitted to the outer. Bringing a volume to the tops, the pants are balanced with the beautiful thin silhouette line of narrowness.


Again we combined Samui with stripes. By unifying the tone of the color as a whole, coordination that makes it possible to see each strong item individually.


Corduroy setup style. Coordinate to unify the overall color tone by putting longer shirts on the inner. By daringly lengthening the length of the shirt, I break the balance and make it to the point.


Coordination to put pajamas under vietnam jacket, combining incompatible impact items and loose items of pajamas, weakness is also being produced. Jersey pants are also a role to make vietnam jacket stand out by matching colors with pajamas.


Layered coordination with a large food shirt inserted in the inner of Sukajacket. By using well balanced items for the inner well to arrange the colors showcasing new points to the simple coordination of Corduroy × Sukajacket.


Coordinating to make Makeover Pants stand out by embroidered shirt of Hummingbird.


Coordinated with black tone as the main part of Sumino’s linen coat. By placing a black Aloha shirt on the inner, I made a point for a simple coordination.


Unbalanced style with shorts gathered up with brown lines with long cardigan as inner. Especially by putting cardigan in the inner, our own silhouette line is completed.


Deformation styling of the sports which overlaps the shirt of the pattern on the set-up of the jersey material. It is well-balanced because it is unified by black tone.


Arrange styling which wrapped “Sumizome”coat in a skirt like style. Since it is also gathered up by gray tones, overall balance is good.


Simple Overall style that matched makeover overalls to the main. Because remake items are strong impact, they are subtracted by coordination to make the item stand out.


Coordination with a set of color points of my favorite purple. Coordination with moderately loose which is not overly determined by making the vest outer.


Coordination with a point of color usage of black × beige. The coordination which seems like a set-up also removes it by wearing a cap and is playing.


Coordinated with the balance of the handle of the embroidered shirt and the tattoo in the arm. Balance is considered in total not only for clothes but also for patterns and hairstyles that are in the body.


Added White’s Long Aloha to the linen setup. Simple setup put points that have impact on the inner point.

Varde77 2019spring&summer 予約受付中!